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The Tahiti Story

1979 - Tahiti – The Trip  

With my good friend and professional photographer, Dana Fisher, I visited Tahiti for the first time. We started our yearlong trip following a sailor's tip who had visited the region two years previous. We explored Tahiti, the main island, Raiatea, Taha'a, Bora Bora and Huahine.

Huahine was as pretty as Bora Bora but without the tourists. We were in heaven!

1985 - Huahine - The Honeymoon 

Anna and I were married in nearby Rarotonga, Cook Islands. We visited Huahine and stayed in the town of Fare, a classic South Pacific village with tree lined streets, a beach, colorful lagoon and spectacular sunsets. We met Boom Shui, a local Tahitian who worked for the French government. We discussed buying land together but neither of us had the money.

1996 - Santa Barbara - The Plan 

Boom came to Santa Barbara to have a shoulder operation after his moped accident in Papeete. We discussed buying land in Tahiti. Boom said he would start looking as soon as he returned. Four months later he found a beautiful piece of land near Fare on Huahine. It was located on the beach, overlooking a spectacular lagoon with views of the Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora in the distance.

We designed 2 houses and submitted plans in French and metric to the Huahine County Council.

April 2019 - Back and Forth - The Construction 

Things move slowly in Tahiti. We started construction on one of the two Polynesian style houses with high pitched, open beam ceilings. Materials were purchased in Papeete. The lumber came from the US Pacific North West, the roofing came from Australia, tile from Italy, cabinets from France.

October 2020 - Almost Finished 

We had the house almost finished when the COVID-19 shut down of Tahiti happened. Huahine had no cases but the island was shut down. No boats or planes in or out.  Everyone had to stay home except one family member could go to the store once a day. 

June 2021 - If all goes well the house will be completed on this trip. Fingers crossed!

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